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The Kenya Ostomy Association (KOA) is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing ostomy supplies and educational resources to ostomates and caregivers in Kenya. Founded with the aim of addressing the needs of ostomates and transforming the ostomy landscape, KOA stands as a beacon of support and advocacy.

Recognizing the seriousness of living with a stoma and the significant impact it has on individuals’ lives, KOA is committed to raising awareness about ostomy and leading efforts to address its challenges.

Our organization raises awareness on stoma/ostomy matters, strives to offer support to ostomates and shed light on the obstacles they face.

At the heart of our mission is the direct provision of ostomy care products and the dissemination of information on ostomy care. Through these initiatives, KOA endeavors to improve the quality of life for ostomates and ensure they receive the assistance and resources they need.

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What we stand for



Leading the response against ostomy by helping ostomates continue living normal, quality, and confident lives by providing ostomy supplies and support.


To facilitate the highest quality of life for ostomates in Kenya and beyond.


Better with a Bag.


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Meet The Team

Our team comprises seven interim board members and officials, each responsible for various daily activities and operations.
Driven by passion and commitment, we are dedicated to leading the response against ostomy by undertaking activities aligned with our purpose and vision.


We collaborate with individuals and organizations that align with our values and beliefs, and we are honored to be associated with them. 

Some of our esteemed partners include Friends of Ostomates Worldwide, Canada; Family Care Missions, Lions Club International (Lions Stoma Care Center); NCD Alliance Kenya; and KENCO Network.

To broaden our reach and make a direct impact on more ostomates, we are actively seeking to expand our network of partners.

Ostomy care and support are significant responsibilities that require collective effort and collaboration.

Lions Club
KOA Donors
KOA personnel arranging ostomy supplies


We hold our donors dear to our hearts! Their support has been instrumental in helping us achieve our mission and goals. Our commitment is to ensure that ostomates receive the necessary support to lead quality and confident lives. Thanks to the generous contributions of donors like Friends of Ostomates Worldwide, Canada; Convatec Representatives, Jordan; and Lions Stoma Care Center, we have been able to impact the lives of many ostomates and continue to do so.

A heartfelt thank you for making a difference in so many lives through your financial and product support.

We also extend our gratitude to the volunteers who have played a significant role in sorting, repacking, and distributing the supplies. Your dedication and efforts are truly appreciated.