KOA_FCM partnership sharing food with underprivileged
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Kenya Ostomy Association Partners with Family Care Missions to Support Ostomates

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KOA-FCM partnership to support ostomates.

The partnership between the Kenya Ostomy Association (KOA) and Family Care Missions (FCM) is a testament to their shared commitment to supporting ostomates. KOA has been unwavering in its mission to provide psychosocial support, essential ostomy products, and information on care, serving a network of over 200 ostomates nationwide. Meanwhile, FCM, a registered charity organization, focuses on aiding underprivileged individuals through various projects and sponsorships.

In July 2023, KOA and FCM joined forces to enhance support for needy patients and ostomates. FCM’s consistent aid has played a crucial role in helping KOA improve the quality of life for ostomates in several ways. Firstly, through their Feeding Program, FCM provides essential nutritional foods monthly, addressing critical needs and offering hope to ostomates. Secondly, FCM collaborates with KOA to provide spiritual and emotional support through talk sessions and the distribution of Activated magazines.

A notable collaboration between KOA and FCM occurred in December 2023 when KOA invited FCM to Kisamis, Ongata Rongai, the location of KOA’s headquarters. During this event, KOA provided ostomy supplies while FCM supplied 10kg food packages and other basic necessities like blankets.

As KOA continues to grow and expand its outreach, the partnership with FCM is expected to provide even more support and empowerment to ostomates across Kenya. This collaboration not only addresses immediate needs but also lays the foundation for a brighter future, potentially enhancing the overall quality of life for ostomates. With KOA and FCM working together, ostomates can look forward to continued support and assistance in their journey towards improved well-being.

For more information visit Kenya Ostomy Association and Family Care Mission websites below to learn more: https://kenyaostomyassociation.com/ and https://familycare.or.ke/about-us 


KOA_FCM partnership sharing food with underprivileged

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